cropped-WhiteRock.jpgWhite Rock Lake

Construction on White Rock Lake commenced in 1910 in response to a water shortage in the City of Dallas. At the time, the mayor of Dallas promised to create a water source that would ensure the city would never run out of water again.  Today, White Rock Lake Park is an oasis in the heart of the city that is over 1,015 acres in size. It is over twice as large as Central Park in New York City. White Rock Lake is the largest urban lake in the country. The park is enjoyed by sports enthusiasts, picnickers, bird watchers, and walkers from all over the city as well as other parts of the metroplex and visitors from around the world.


The Need For Private Funding and SupportMonarch Butterfly

Funding for parks has significantly been reduced by the City of Dallas in the past several years. Your help is much needed for White Rock Lake Park to become a true urban oasis. Please join with us. We pledge to continue to be a leading force to ensure that quality renovations and improvements are reflective of the desires of the neighborhoods and groups utilizing White Rock Lake Park.