Improvements at White Rock Lake Park!

One fixture of the Foundation's goals is its "Adopt-A-Zone" proposal, which divides the lake into 31 areas for private sponsorship. Sponsors of zones will assist in the reconception and redesign of each zone, raise money to implement the improvements, and develop plans to maintain the area afterward.

Two of these zones figure strategically in the Foundation's plans. The Foundation's leaders have approved a fund raising strategy aimed at providing sufficient funds for the complete redesign of Zones 4 and 5, which include the southeast entrance to the lake from downtown and extends from the Dallas Arboretum to Winfrey Point at the lake's midsection. The purpose is to provide the public an example of the dramatic results planned for the park land around the lake.

Construction has begun on Zone 5 and will be a showcase of the new look for White Rock Lake. Other projects, along with the Zone 5 project, will complete a multi-use trail over the next 24 months from Winfrey Point south, around the spillway, and north to Jackson Point following the Design Guidelines.

The list of construction includes other park components that are also being renovated, improved, or added. Remember, however, that the projects in work do not cover all of the required improvements. Private fund raising will contribute towards necessary amenities and landscaping.

ProjectPlanned Completion
Winstead PlaygroundComplete
East Lawther
  • New road and trail alignment
  • New parking
  • Erosion Control
  • Landscape at park entrance
  • Flood Control

White Rock Control Center

White Rock Trail Park

April 2001
Dreyfus Club
  • New rest rooms
  • Air conditioning
  • Lighting
  • New Roof
  • Kitchen Modifications
June 2001
Pedestrian Gateway at Tokalon November 2001
Flagpole Hill Improvements February 2002
Master Plan February 2002
Winfrey Renovations Summer 2002