Jeannie Terilli

Jeannie Terilli was born and raised in Dallas, Texas (a long time ago!).

Jeannie is a graduate from Texas Tech University with a Degree in Child Development and Family Relations. After graduation, Jeannie and a friend packed up and headed for Aspen Mountain, Colorado.  Because of heavy snowfall, they never reached their intended destination, eventually settling in Denver.  After a bout of homesickness, they returned to Dallas.

After living in and around the environment and beauty of Colorado,  Jeannie had a renewed appreciation for the preservation of our environment.  Living near the Lake since childhood, and on a bike ride around the lake after returning home, Jeannie discovered the extreme deterioration of her beloved White Rock Lake. Jeannie contacted the Dallas Parks Department to donate her Christmas Tree to the lake.  Jeannie met with the City and with their help, found and dusted off the White Rock Lake Master Plan. The City explained that there was no money in the budget for parks or their beautification, and it would take community involvement and support to raise the funds needed.

In 1989, Jeannie Terilli, Founded a 501-C3 Organization originally named, “Friends of White Rock Lake.”  Friends of White Rock Lake worked with the Dallas Parks Department for the implementation of the White Rock Lake Master Plan.  With encouragement from the Parks Department, Friends of White Rock Lake was ordained by the Dallas Park Board as the community steward for White Rock Lake.  Friends of White Rock Lake was then renamed  The White Rock Lake Foundation.

The Foundation is now 27 years old.